• Sorry for bothering you about this again, but last time we spoke about it you said that this tag was decommissioned, and all articles were by default assumed to be in-Mythos. Since then, I’ve been removing the tag from articles on an almost-daily basis, but now that you’ve added it to a page, I’m worried that you meant that only the banner should be removed. Let me know, and if I’ve goofed I’ll go back and re-add without the banner,


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    • Well, I meant the header.

      But I would indeed also remove the "in-mythos" category if it's redundant (eg "Characters" is a sub of "in-mythos" and thus pages who have the "Characters" category do not need the in-mythos one).

      Every page should still get at least one category and not become an orphan one. And every category should be somewhere under one of the main ones seen here: Category:Browse

      So yeah, in some cases a page can get the "in-mythos" category but that's quite uncommon

      Do tell me if i am not clear in my explanation.

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    • Great, thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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