• Why did you flag the male & female character categories to be candidates for deletion? And undo the work I've done?

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    • As in many wikis without a centrally planned categorization, categories here have exploded way beyond what's useful and advisable: many of them appear to be the product of a number of indipendently working editors who haven't given a thought whether a certain categoy is actually useful or not. This wiki's categories can stand some serious simplification.

      "Male" and "Female" are only useful in human beings; even if in the Derleth mythos entities are sometimes peddled as gendered, gender is only useful for human beings, where it is self-evident - the categories are the first to go.

      As for your work, it is only incidental. No offense meant.

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    • Actually, gender can apply across a wide range of creatures, such as the Lithards from the Titus Crow series. But that's all irrelevant, as the real issue here is that discussion is key when it comes to deleting a large portion of someone else's work, whether you like the setup or not. Arbitrarily redesigning the categories system on an active wiki without so much as a note on another user's wall is not only ill-advised, it's just plain rude.

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    • @Tazenda.

      Please don't make anymore large scale changes like that without discussing it with the Lovecraft community. I would prefer it if you reverse the changes you made to those categories, but if not that's fine. I myself will get around to it later on this weekend at the earliest. Thank you.

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