• It probably is. BTW, in the way of text, categories should be as streamlined as possible. When you find one like the mythos comics with more text than pages, it's a safe bet that the creator had no idea on how to build one. Feel free to revert it and moving it to a page, if you think, but I'd delete it.

    Say, I'm not keen to adopt this wiki, but we need to be able to actually delete pages. Candidates for deletion is full. What do you say, do we file a joint request or a single one?

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    • Well I see that are an admin with some experience on another wiki while I know nothing of the sort. I can manage to work a few minutes a day but not much more sadly.

      So in short, I don't think I can reasonaly do a request anytime soon... But I believe you will do a great job!

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    • Well, I've got promoted, and so have you. I've given you content moderator rights, so you can better deal with any pages as needs be.

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    • Thanks you a lot, though I believe I'll use them sparingly

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    • Still worth using them, if needed.

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    • I was wondering about the pages we should protect more, maybe we should restrict some of the most vandalised pages from anonymous contributors: i'd say cthulhu, azathoth, yog-sothoth and nyarlathotep at least from what I remember.

      Would you agree with that list ? (I also guess most templates should be restricted as well but that's for another day)

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    • Your choice.

      IPs don't generally bother to be more than one-shot misbehavers, blanking pages or inserting rude comments. I simply revert and forget the matter.

      On the other side, I've often seen admins/moderators go on a protecting/blocking rampage, without really thinking whether it's justified.

      As for templates, their edits appear only in the recentchanges log, but not in the wikiactivity one. Most IPs do not notice them. I wouldn't worry.

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