• Hi there Esparza, how are you?

    I’ve seen that you’ve added a bucket of articles on Mythos RPGs, and I’d like to ask a question or two.

    Ever since I started actually reading the material, I’ve wanted to play an RPG game based in the Mythos. My roleplay experience is extensive, but at the same time limited: I played WHFR a lot in my teens, and White Wolf games for about 10 years after that (Mage, Vampire, and briefly Changeling, Werewolf and Wraith. Mostly Mage and Vampire though), and that’s about all. So I currently have one person in my group who’s up for playing a Mythos game, with another 2-4 who could be converted. Personally, I would like to do something with Achtung Cthulhu or Cthulhu Invictus, but what do you think would be the best game to get my friends excited about? (Also bear in mind that my funds are limited at the moment, so I can’t buy multiple books and see how it pans out).

    Anyway, thanks in advance,


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    • To be honest it all depends as to what you are looking for in a RPG. Cthulhu Invictus would be slower paced and be more along the lines of the traditional Cthulhu Mythos game, with you and your friends in the role of investigators. Achtung Cthulhu is basically the same, depending on how you play it or it can be more fast paced with varying levels of small unit combat, perhaps even being in the middle of a battlefield (e.g. Stalingrad, talk about the possibilities).

      For myself I prefer CthulhuTech. It combines both Japanese style anime (mecha heavy) and cyberpunk, two sci-fi genres that I love (though not as much as Star Wars or Marvel Comics (especially X-Men)). It's more along the lines of Palladium's Rifts or Warhammer 40K depending how you play it. At best its a crapsack world with elements of W40K grimdark.

      You can do the investigator scenario but it's going to be far darker than anything you can do with Call of Cthulhu. Odds are good of heavy action, as in huge explosions, psionic storms, energy beams, smoke, noise, and collapsing buildings. Lots of blood and gore, odds of survival for a someone new to the game, low as they become grease marks within minutes or an hour or two at most.

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    • Hmmm, personally neither cyberpunk nor steampunk does anything for me these days (aside from Malifaux). I gave away my Rifts books a few years back (I was trying to save space, only had 8 of them, loved the backstories, but couldn’t find anybody to play the kind of games i wanted to run- also the normal vs mega damage bothered me).

      So, I reckon I’ll go for Achtung Cthulhu then, seems to have space for the 2 guys that are into WWII combat. Thanks for the input dude!


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