• Hey Esparza, how goes?

    I was thinking that as much as images are an important part of a wiki, aren’t you overdoing things with the galleries?


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    • It's true that it might be a little heavy for phone users to that much images. But on the other hand most of those images seem very relevant to me and from vastly different sources so I don't think we should get rid of them.

      As a solution, I'll create Template:ImageLink to be put on top of articles. It will link to the image category of the article; as done by the Doctor Who wiki.

      I'll keep both of you informed, when it's implemented and added to the Manual of Style but you can continue as before.

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    • Apologies, I should have put in a more detailed comment. What I meant was that the number of images might be troublesome for mobile users. If that can be addressed, then I really have no problem with the number of images. Personally, I enjoy seeing visual interpretations of the Mythos that I’ve never seen before, and Esparza is providing that in droves.

      Again, I’m sorry if my first comment came across as non-constructive,


      As a post script, I very briefly met a gentleman on Saturday at Claymore who used to work for Modiphius, and who I was later told had a small part in the splatbooks for Achtung Cthulhu.

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    • Well, i can't speak for Espaza but I did thought you were probably talking about mobile users already.

      On that note, I implemented my template replacement for the gallery on some pages (on Azathoth and Nyarlathotep).

      For it to work, you'd need the images to be in a category beforehand (e.g. Category:Nyarlathotep images). I'll be going through the wiki files to add those categories before removing the gallery section of heavy pages.

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