• Hi!

    I saw you were building pages of Cthulhu Mythos stuff associated with Marvel Comics.

    Don't hesitate when you do so to add the links to the relevant pages on the Marvel Fandom Database, same way I'm doing there towards this wiki and the Yellow Site (a wiki associated more with the Carcosa/Hastur mythos).

    Have a good night !

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    • I can do that.

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    • (I don't know if it was clear back there, but that's just a suggestion, not a rule, I'm no admin on this wiki)


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    • That's a good suggestion. To ease up this process, I created a template to link the Marvel Comics eXternal wiki: I used it on Shuma-Gorath's page as a showcase

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    • @Undoniel. I knew that you aren't an admin. Actually started linking them to Marvel fandom wiki. Then I started linking them to Marvel-related pages I made in Lovecraft. I can do both.

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    • A FANDOM user
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