• Hi, I realise that I've been gone for ages but I was wondering if there was any sort of application process for becoming an admin? This is mostly just to clear out the Candidates for Deletion section but more generally to help out around the site.

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    • Not really, you are the first to ask to my knowledge.

      Have you been an admin on a wiki before?

      Besides the candidate for deletion section, is there anything you need admin rights to do?

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    • I'm currently an admin for the Gone with the Blastwave Wiki but given that it's just under 99% smaller than this one I don't know how much of a qualification that is. Thankfully we've got a pretty healthy community so I realise that there isn't too much blocking to do there but even so there's a lot of housekeeping for one person to do. As far as admin rights go it would be handy to be able too weed out stubs and duplicate pages without just dumping all of it onto you.

      I also have to admit that I'd be proud simply to be labelled an admin on a wiki I'm so fond of but I'd try not to let it go to my head.

      Ultimately it's your call but I thought it would be worth throwing my hat into the ring either way.

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    • Okay, since I never thooght about the matter before, I checked FANDOM's recommendations.

      It seems that what you ask for is cloder to "CONTENT MODERATOR" rights.

      I remember that you particpated much and gave interesting opinions before you went away for some time.

      Therefore, as FANDOM prefers that long standing active memebers can get user rights, I would prefer that you remind me in about a month or so after your return to make you a Content Moderator. In the meantime, to help me better assess, you can already as a normal user point to me actions you believe are required related to:

      • Editing and moving fully protected pages
      • Deleting and undeleting pages and files
      • Editing and moving protected files
      • Rollback
      • Re-upload files
      • Protecting and unprotecting pages
      • Patrol pages if the community has the RecentChanges patrol feature enabled
      • Deleting article comments

      ~ CONTENT MODERATOR rights

      Sorry if I appear reluctant or something but I'd rather not rush such process.

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    • To be fair I'd never heard of a content moderator before but it seems to be exacty what I was looking for. It's perfectly reasonable to want leave a gap while I get my bearings back and I look forward to working with you again. 

      Ps: I've been talking to someone on another about marking pages for deletion. I've always left my explanation in the edit notes but would you prefer that it goes on the actual page?

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    • I updated the "delete" template. You should be able to give a reason when adding it to a page.

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    • A FANDOM user
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