This subject contains information from the Mythos Adjacent Works, and while share similar themes and features of the Mythos are not based on his work, or generally considered a part of the Mythos proper. Thrumm is a Great Old One (Dark Giant) created by DC Comics which first appeared in 2016 in issue #10 of Volume 4 of the Secret Six comic book series.

Background[edit | edit source]

Thrumm is the greatest of the Elder Gods. Whom mated with the foul goddess which gave it life, then committed its first act of murder by killing her. It dimly remembers with fondness how she tasted. Thrumm was the name given to him by the first proto-humans, due to the rumble in their bladders and bellies when he blotted out the night sky. Giving it something new to enjoy, their despair.

Anyone that hears its voice is destroyed. A being of the stars whose memory is focused on its hunger. It was temporarily summoned to Earth in the early 21st century, but before it was forced to return to its dimension it fed on the True Atlanteans (zealot cultists of the Children of Arion) who had attempted to orchestrate the return of the Dark Giants.

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