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🐙 The Titans are a cosmic horror element from the fictional universe of Marvel by Marvel Comics.


The Titans are machines constructed of elementary matter, universal particles. Incomprehensibly dense machine brains, constructs so dense that space and time collapsed around them, creating singularities. In every black hole there is a super massive machine brain, which contains the collective consciousness and memories of a society. One so advanced that it collapsed in on itself. Every black hole is a wormhole, a bridge that links one singularity to another. All of the black holes in the universe are part of a single machine whose tendrils stretch throughout the cosmos. An unfathomably vast societal intelligence so far above mortals, that it is a god.

The Phalanx were built by it to consume those cultures which were worthy and add their societal intelligence to theirs, and therefore their masters. The Phalanx need lots of energy to do what they were created for, and therefore they convert matter into energy. Cultures that are worthy are therefore absorbed, resulting that the consciousness and history of those worlds live on forever but the planet itself is consumed.

Types of Titans[]

  • Titans: Which are interstellar societies that have reached a stage of development, in which the density of their unified intelligence collapsed space-time into a singularity. Titans are isolationist and exist as singular, hermetic intellects. It's a Type O civilization.
  • Strongholds: Which are small networks of connected Titans, usually a handful, which are normally confined to either a galactic cluster or a dense collection of stacked galaxies. They actively war with each other, seeking to destroy or absorb other Strongholds, and thereby become Dominions.
  • Dominions: Consisting of 10 or more Titans who work together to control a sector or sectors of space, both in territory and across time. The Dominion which controls the sector that includes Earth consists of a collective of 112 Titans. Only the universal abstracts are above the Dominons and the only thing they fear is Phoenix and Galactus.