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I took an oath to enforce the law. That's what I'm doing.

Tommy Muldoon, the Rookie Cop, is a character created by Fantasy Flight Games for inclusion in their Arkham Horror Files range of Cthulhu Mythos-related products.


Straight after passing out of Boston City's police academy, Tommy found himself immediately sent out on secondment to the Arkham Sheriff's department.

At first, Tommy didn’t mind this, but the realities of working in Arkham were soon brought home to him, with bizarre reports of monsters stalking the outskirts of the city and horribly mangled corpses turning up all over town making him realise that there was something deeply wrong with the place.

However, Tommy had sworn an oath to protect and serve and so, with his trusty rifle Becky at his side, he set about the dirty business of cleaning up Arkham, whatever the personal cost might be.

Behind the MythosEdit

Fantasy Flight originally created Tommy as a playable Investigator for their Second Edition expansion for adventure board game Arkham Horror, Innsmouth Horror. Since then, he has made appearances in other related products including Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness and Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and a plastic figurine of the character was released in 2010 as part of their Arkham Horror Premium Figures line, but this is no longer available to purchase.

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