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When I find the beast, I'll trap it or put it down for good.

A fictional character created by Fantasy Flight Games for their Arkham Horror Files range, Tony Morgan, the Bounty Hunter, is a character who appears in the expanded Cthulhu Mythos.


One day, while hard on the trail of a particularly elusive bounty, Tony cornered his quarry out in the countryside, near a large river. However, this time his prey turned out not to be human.

A humanoid creature covered in scales and coated in slime, the monster stank of the ocean, rotted fish and the offal of the unfortunate farm animals which it had slaughtered and devoured. Upon realising that it had a pursuer, the thing immediately made for the river, throwing itself straight in. Having never let a target escape, Tony shrugged off his revulsion, drew his knife, and went to work.

Everything from then on had gone by in a blur; Tony had a vague recollection of the nightmarish beast trying to tear his arm off at the shoulder before everything went black, and he passed out.

Waking up in the hospital three days later, Tony felt sick to his stomach after remembering what had happened. After spending a fortnight recuperating, he was finally declared fit enough to leave, and Tony once again took up his mantle of hunter. This time however, his prey is anything but human.

Behind the MythosEdit

Although originally created as an Investigator for Fantasy Flight's Second Edition release of Arkham Horror, he has since made appearances in several of their other games including Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror: The Card Game. He has also received a physical representation of the character through the Arkham Horror Premium Figures line, though this is no longer in production (all EXP).


  • The creature first encountered by Tony whilst chasing a bounty is heavily implied to have been a Deep One.
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