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This subject is written on a topic in the real world and reflects factual information. 🐙 "Treacherous Memory" is a short story by American author Glynn Owen Barrass.


A private detective takes on the case of a man's wife who vanished for two years before returning claiming no memory of her whereabouts during this time. What she uncovers is a tale of alien abduction, one which she becomes all too caught up in.


  • Cassandra "Cassey" Bane, a private investigator.
  • Ted Cruise, a man who has developed an obsession with alien abductions after the disappearance of his wife.
  • Selene Cruise, Ted's wife and the victim of an extraterrestrial research program.
  • Abe, a business associate of Cassey's.

Publication History

"Treacherous Memory" was published in the Doug Draa-edited anthology Weirdbook Annual 2 by Wildside Press in 2019.