Named after the once worshipped TsathogguaTsath is the last occupied city in K'n-yan. Looking more like a mountain than a city it is a mass of clustered, heaven-reaching towers adorned with a million golden minarets. Despite its imposing size many of the taller spires had been abandoned or dismantled in favour of easy to maintain shorter buildings. Surrounding the outskirts are the great amphitheatres used for entertainment and drawn out public executions.The gold/stone-paved roads are thronged with ever present caravans flowing noisily in and out. The maze of streets and ornate avenues that run below the great towers are filled with people and lined with curious carvings on its doorways and windows. High up balustraded plazas and huge tiered terraces gave sweeping veiws of gorge-like streets below.

The gn'agn of the supreme tribunal and the council of executives operate from the frescoed halls of a gold-and-copper palace behind a gardened and fountained park.


A ruined suburb of Tsath leading to Nith.


Dressed in "tasteful robes and trappings and swords" the Men of Tsath are the dominant power in K'nyan.


Slavery is a common practice in K'n-yan and there are several forms of slaves used:

  • The four legged gyaa-yothn.
  • The bio-mechanical y'm-bhi.
  • An unnamed, semi human slave-class which could also be programmed with hympnotic impressions to do incredibly efficient. Inferior specimens provided the principal meat stock of K'n-yan.


The closest link to a human language is that it may have been corrupted into Aztec.

  • "oxi, oxi, giathcán ycá relex"


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