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Lovecraft circle Seal Ulthar is a village in the Dreamlands of Earth. Its people are known for their simplicity, superstitious nature and reverence of cats. In the village it was forbidden for any citizen of the land to harm or kill a cat after the visit of mysterious dark people. (HPL: The Cats of Ulthar).


For those wise enough not to anger the large population of man eating cats the cobbled streets of Ulthar seem to be some of the most pleasant in the mythos. Surrounded by suburbs of "little green cottages and neatly fenced farms" the centre of the town is composed of pink buildings, topped with old, peaked, red tiled roofs, overhanging upper stories and numberless chimney-pots". (HPL: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath)

The Temple of the Elder OnesEdit

Above the town on the area's highest hill is the modest, ivy clad stone tower of the Temple of the Elder Ones, home to preists and their ancient records under the watchful eye of patriarch Atal.  Randolph Carter visited the temple during his search for Kadath.


  • Across a 1,300 year old bridge¬†over the River Skai from from the¬†fertile plains around¬†Nir.¬†
  • 7 days ride down river from¬†Dylath-Leen.


  • The Old cotter and his wife - Two elderly residents who spent their time killing local cats before being cursed by the dark people.
  • Atal - The inkeeper's son who went on to become the patriarch of the Temple of the Elder Ones.
  • Old Kranon - The Burgomaster of the town.
  • Nith - The lean town Notary.
  • Shang - Blacksmith
  • Thul - Stonecutter
  • Zath - Coroner
  • Barzai the Wise - A¬†priest born to a landgrave. He became obsessed with seeing the gods of earth atop Hatheg-Kla. (HPL: "The Other Gods")


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