The H.P. Lovecraft Wiki

I'm a long time Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu RPG fan, I love the wiki medium, and hope to contribute a lot.

I'm a professional graphic designer and media artist, and am happy to help develop logos for other wikis. Drop me a note.

My favorite pages

H.P. Lovecraft Development "To Do" List


  • Category assignments
  • Category unification
  • Deities disambiguation
  • css infobox color
  • Redlinks


  • Infobox drive - create new infoboxs
  • blog and podcast drive
  • maintenance templates colors and categorizing
  • subdivide races: extra-dimensional, extra-terrestrial, extinct, interstellar traveling, native Earth,
  • subdivide deities by current residence


  • Style guide compliance
  • template correction and documentation
  • Lovecraft and racism article
  • Artwork credit links (in progress)

Michael B Wishlist

  • Cthylla
  • Azathoth
  • Ubo-sathla
  • Cxaxukluth
  • Daoloth
  • Ghisguth
  • Hziulquoigmnzhah
  • Idh-yaa
  • Nameless Mist
  • Sfatlicllp
  • Shathak
  • Tulzscha
  • Vulthoom
  • Ycnágnnisssz
  • Ythogtha
  • Zoth-Ammog