aka Fil

  • I live in the most petulant country in the world
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is both boring and irrelevant
  • I am simple in the head
I’m just a regular guy that has a big interest in anything just slightly off-kilter: the paranormal, aliens, cryptozoology, science fiction and horror are all staples of both my viewing and reading habits.

While I’d been aware of H.P. Lovecraft for as long as I can remember, I only started reading his work around 2014, and since then have battered through everything I can lay my hands on. I've also added more than a couple of Cthulhu creatures to another wiki I edit, and while I’ve visited this site multiple times over the years, I never seem to have gotten around to actually contributing. Hopefully that will now change, as recent circumstances have gifted me with something of a surplus of time.

Anyway, I’ll see y'all around,



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