Hello, I have noticed that most(actually all) have been pretty much dismissed by Lovecraft fans for being too non-canonical or mostly unrelated to the mythos *ahem* simon necronomicon *ahem*. So, I have decided to write a version of the Necronomicon that is as canonical and accurate as possible. This is going to be a huge undertaking, and I am going to need a TON of help. For more info, here is my post on Reddit about this:

Also, here is the text from my Reddit post, copied here:

So, I am a writer and a huge fan of Lovecraft. I have decided to write an accurate(accurate as possible) and truly Lovecraftian (as in at least 80% canonical with Lovecraft's original stories) version of the necronomicon. This is obviously going to be a HUGE undertaking, so I decided to ask for the help of my fellow Redditors/Lovecraft fans. I am going to be using the contents listed on the HP Lovecraft wiki (, as well as anything anyone else here has to offer. The first thing I need help with is Naacal. On the wiki page under 'Contents', it says:

  • Page 984 contains a passage in the Naacal, no translation is given.

I have briefly Googled Naacal, but got nothing much in the way of helpful information. I am a language nerd and am totally willing to make up a Naacal language based on other ancient Mesopotamian languages, but I would like to know beforehand if there was anything Lovecraft himself wrote in this supposed language, or any evidence he left of what it might've looked/sounded like. Please, I really need as much help as I can get because like I said this is a huge and complicated undertaking. The reason I wanted to do this was because most of the Necronomicons that have been written are often dismissed by Lovecraft fans, and others are laughably obscure and distant from canonical Lovecraft lore *ahem, ahem* simon necronomicon *ahem*. I'm not looking for criticism or any other bullshit, just actual help from people who are genuinely interested in contributing. If you're not going to help, please refrain from wasting my time (please and thank you).

Post Script:

I'm probably going to be making multiple posts regarding this Necronomicon I'm writing so if you really want to be involved with helping, keep a sharp eye out for similar posts (I will title them using the same format: [Help with Necronomicon, part < >]).


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