Hi there everyone, in this blog I’ll be launching the first phase of out Category overhaul.

As some of you may be aware, we are planning on re-organising the entire category system, beginning with the "real world" side. Over the last few days, I have worked up a first draft of how I would envision the new layout, but this obviously needs more input and discussion before we can go forward.

I've included the draft below, please feel free to comment with any additions, deletions or changes you feel need to be made so that we can come to a community consensus.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,



  • Realworld
    • Content Creators
      • Lovecraft Circle Authors
      • Expanded Mythos Authors
      • Mythos-Adjacent Authors
      • Mythos-Inspired Authors
      • Lovecraft's Inspirations (Authors)
      • Artists
      • Games Designers
        • Video Games Designers
        • Traditional Games Designers
      • Editors
    • Non-Fiction Writers
    • Deceased (Real World)
    • Defunct (Real World)
    • Works
      • H. P. Lovecraft Works
      • Lovecraft Circle Works
      • Expanded Mythos Works
      • Mythos-Adjacent Works
        • Lovecraft's Influences (Works)
      • Books
        • Anthologies
          • Mythos-Dedicated Anthologies
        • Novels
        • Gaming Supplements
      • Games
        • Video Games
        • Traditional Games
          • Gaming Supplements
      • Films
        • Adaptations
        • Expanded Mythos
        • Mythos-Inspired
      • Comics
        • Adaptations
        • Expanded Mythos
        • Mythos-Inspired
    • Publishers
    • Periodicals
      • Pulp Magazines
      • Ezines
      • Fanzines
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