Hi there everyone, this blog is to update the progress of the category overhaul after the first week. Now that I’ve spoken to some of you, I’ve adjusted the the proposed new layout per suggestions, and have included it below for everyone to have a look at and put forward any more opinions. The categories which have been added since the previous post are in bold, those removed are indicated by a strikethrough.

Please note that some pages may be categorised under more than one of these tags; this is inevitable, and is just the nature of the beast.

Something I’d like to make absolutely clear is that these categories will not be the only ones on the Real World side of this wiki; these will be the bases to which all others are subsidiary. For example, the "Works by Creator" will likely have many, many, subsidiaries, such as "August Derleth works", "Ramsey Campbell works", etc.; similarly, "Roleplaying Games" will have entries such as "Call of Cthulhu (real world)". In order to keep things clean and clear, it will be important to only use the relevant "Real World"-related tags for these. Other phases of this project will deal with the "Images" and "In Mythos" aspects of the wiki.

Thanks to everyone who has given input, and thanks for taking the time to read this,



  • Real World
    • Real World People
      • Content Creators
        • Lovecraft Circle Authors
          • Kalem Club
          • Lovecraft's Correspondents
          • Lovecraft's Co-authors
        • Expanded Mythos Authors
        • Mythos-Adjacent Authors
        • Mythos-Inspired Authors
        • Lovecraft's Inspirations (authors)
        • Artists
        • Games Designers
          • Video Games Designers
          • Traditional Games Designers
      • Non-Fiction Authors
        • Scholars
        • Critics
      • Deceased (real world)
      • Defunct (real world)
    • Works
      • H. P. Lovecraft Works
      • Lovecraft Circle Works
      • Expanded Mythos Works
      • Mythos-Adjacent Works
      • Lovecraft's Inspirations (works)
      • Non-Fiction Works
      • Works by Creator
      • Story Cycles
      • Adaptations
      • Pastiches
      • Books
        • Anthologies
          • Mythos-Dedicated Anthologies
        • Novels
        • Ebooks
      • Games
        • Video Games
        • Roleplaying Games
        • Card Games
        • Board Games
        • Gaming Supplements
        • Traditional Games
          • Games Supplements
      • Films
        • Film Adaptations
          • Lovecraft Circle Film Adaptations
          • Expanded Mythos Film Adaptations
          • Mythos-Inspired Film Adaptations
      • Comic Books
        • Comic Book Adaptations
          • Lovecraft Circle Comic Book Adaptations
          • Expanded Mythos Comic Book Adaptations
          • Mythos-Inspired Comic Book Adaptations
    • Publishers
      • Amateur Press
    • Periodicals
      • Pulp Magazines
      • Ezines
      • Fanzines
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