Extended universe sigil Vampirella is a hero in the fictional Dynamite universe, who was created in 1969 by Forrest J Ackerman, Who was a character for Warren Publishing and then Harris Publications before Dynamite Entertainment. Her background has changed depending on the publisher, starting as a space vampire from the planet Drakulon to being the daughter of a vampire from the dimension of Hell.


Vampirella is a vampire, who possesses most of the powers of vampires and none of the weaknesses. Therefore she is able to walk in daylight and is neither deterred or hurt by holy symbols / items (e.g. crucifix) and blessed / sacred materials (e.g. holy water). She defends humanity from the forces of the supernatural which would enslave, torture, feed, or kill them.

Among her enemies have been vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, Dracula, the Gods of Chaos, and the Old Gods. Two versions of Vampirella have had encounters with the Mythos. One fought side by side with Ash Williams against the Army of Darkness, and another one encountered Herbert West who awakened a death god.


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