Mythos adjacent Seal Vârcolac is a fictional character in the Marvel universe which first appeared in 1988 in issue #2 of the 2nd volume of the Werewolf by Night comic book series.


Vârcolac was one of the Wolf Lords, created by Chthon an Old One by conducting mystic genetic experiments on humans, twisting the flesh of demon, human, and beast. The most feared of the Wolf Lords was Varcolac, a relentlessly merciless hunter, from whom no prey could escape. He sired the bloodline that would give rise to the Midgard Serpent and Fenris Wolf, and spawned the Wolf-Men. When modern werewolves emerged due to the experiments conducted by aliens in the Savage Land, Varcolac spread his influence to the peaceful werewolves and over time helped make them a violent race.

He was a demon of great power that possessed a variety of powers including a psychic connection to o to all vampires, superhuman speed + agility + strength, shape shifting, and making those werewolves under its influence more feral and murderous. It ruled over a hell in which the souls of deceased werewolves ended up, where they are tormented for eternity. The landscape was a rocky one, with impaled or hung werewolf skeletons or decomposing sentient bodies scattered everywhere. In this domain he was omnipotent and used the souls to create a physical form.

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