Mythos adjacent Seal Vespergaunts (also known as "heresy oozes") are beings created in 2012 by Paizo Inc. for the supplement "Inner Sea Bestiary" of the role-playing game Pathfinder. They are the emissaries and tools of the supernatural gods of the Dark Tapestry, traveling through outer space to remote planets. They are found primarily on the gestating god-planet Aucturn, operating as spiritual conduits for those who need to contact the Great Old Ones. They collect and transmit to these gods the prayers they have deemed worthy. They also prepare inhabited worlds for the arrival of the Dominion of the Black.

They are creatures that measure 2.5 meters high and 1.80 wide. However, her weight is about 23 kilos. Its body is an amorphous mass of eyes, tentacles, and protoplasm that exudes green vapors. Condensed in large clouds, they can affect the minds of those who are nearby.

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