Though this be madness, yet there is method in't

Extended universe sigil William Yorick, the Gravedigger, is a character created by Fantasy Flight Games as part of their Arkham Horror Files line of Cthulhu Mythos-related games and fiction.

History Edit

William has had two differing versions of his character biography released, the first printed in the Innsmouth Horror expansion to Arkham Horror Second Edition, and the second in Eldritch Horror. In both versions he was a struggling actor who took a job as a gravedigger at Arkham's South Church, where inhuman corpses began to appear. After this, the accounts diverge.

Innsmouth Horror Deluxe Expansion (EXP) Edit

Noticing strange men watching him wherever he went, William realised that taking the corpses to Miskatonic University would be a fatal error, and instead decided to talk things over with Father Michael before deciding on his future course of action.

Eldritch Horror (EXP) Edit

Taking the corpses to Miskatonic University brought down the wrath of an unknown group of people on William's head and, fearing for his life, travelled to Sydney, where he once again landed a job as a gravedigger. Everything was going fine for him, until the bodies began to crawl from their resting places ...

Behind the Mythos Edit

William Yorick was introduced as an Investigator for the Arkham Horror expansion Innsmouth Horror, and has also made appearances in Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and Mansions of Madness. Fantasy Flight's 2010 release of the Arkham Horror Premium Figures line included a miniature of the character, although this is no longer available (all EXP).

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