Extended universe sigil The Wish-Demon is a fictional demon in the prime reality of the Marvel universe of Marvel Comics. Which was created in 1993 by Chris Cooper, first appearing in issue #8 of the 1st volume of Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins.


The Wish-Demon was summoned by the Darkhold. It was a tall greyish humanoid demon with three arms and three heads. The demon granted any wish that anyone asked for in its vicinity, though the wish was nearly always granted in the most brutally horrific method possible. While granting these wishes, the demon would be loudly laughing.

On a hijacked plane, one man wished he was back home and the demon sent him smashing through the door, flying toward his house, and crashed through the roof into his bedroom. Another wished that her husband would make the demon leave, and the demon vanished with him. One person wished for no more wishes and the demon killed the flight crew, so that all would die and therefore no more wishes would occur.

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