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Wonderland is a fictional country which appeared in the children's novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll in 1865. Zenescope Entertainment reimagined it in 2007 as a Lovecraftian dimension in its Grimm Fairy Tales comic series and its spin-off Wonderland.


Wonderland is the source of the world's madness (Never-Ending Dream). To prevent the madness from infecting Earth, mankind made a deal with the sleeping entity. In every generation, children are sacrificed so that it doesn't wake. The innocents who end up in Wonderland feed the Jabberwocky's undying cravings. The monsters of the world (e.g. Hitler and Jack the Ripper) were influenced by Wonderland.

Down the generations, it has been the responsibility of one family to keep Wonderland at bay. In the modern era, the Liddle family has been sacrificing their offspring, one of which was Alice Liddle. One ancestor refused to sacrifice his son, resulting in the Great Depression and World War Two. The essence of Wonderlands slips through occasionally, resulting in war, insanity, etc but far less than it would without the sacrifices.

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