🐙Wundagore Mountain is a fictional mountain within the Marvel Comics' fictional universe. It first appeared in 1966 in issue 134 of the first volume of the Thor comic series.


In the 6th century AD, sorceress Morgan le Fay and the Cult of the Darkhold summoned Chthon, a Old One.and upon discovering they couldn't control him imprisoned him within Wundagore Mountain. His magic permeated the clay around the mountain which the Puppet Master later used to give him the ability to mystically control the minds of others. By the 20th century, it became part of the estate of the High Evolutionary who with his partner Jonathan Drew (father of Jessica Drew) purchased the lands. They went on to establish a citadel of scientific research, and genetically engineered the "New Men", animals with human intelligence and posture.

Warned about Chthon by the spirit of Magus, a 6th century sorcerer, the High Evolutionary trained and organized the New Men like the Knights of the Round Table. Who became the Knights of Wundagore with their own code of chivalry. Using a combination of Magnus' sorcery, the High Evolutionary's advanced science, and the combat skills of the Knights of Wundagore, when Chthon attacked he was defeated. The Knights of Wundagore then took up the full-time job of protecting Wundagore, using advanced suits of armor and weaponry, and nuclear-powered flying craft. The citadel was eventually turned into an interstellar spacecraft.

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