Extended universe sigil Xena was created by Robert Tapert and John Schulian in 1995, first appearing in episode 9 of the 1st season of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys". From 1995-2001 she starred as the protagonist of her own spin-off television series, "Xena: Warrior Princess", which surpassed Hercules in popularity. In 2008, Dynamite Entertainment published its first crossover starring Xena and the Mythos in the form of the Necronomicon.


Xena is a heroine who protects the oppressed, fighting tyrants, the corrupt, monsters, and gods in her quest to make amends for her past. For the atrocities that she committed during the years when she was a brutal, ruthless murderer, terrorist, pirate, and warlord. It was her encounter with the heroic demigod Hercules that made her see the "light" and change her ways, becoming a hero. She has had various companions and allies, but the most important one has been Gabrielle. One version of Xena would end up having multiple confrontations with the forces of the Mythos, alongside Ash Williams.


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