Extended universe sigilThe Xiclotlans are an extraterrestrial race from the planet Xiclotl. It was created by Ramsey Campbell for his work "The Insects from Shaggai". They also appear in Delta Green's "Countdown" supplement and various Call of Cthulhu materials, such as its first release and the "Malleus Monstruorum".

In the context of the Mythos, the first part of volume 8 of the Revelations of Gla'aki compiles information about them.

Description Edit

To human eyes, they may look like trees with thick cylindrical "branches". Metallic gray in color, they are five meters high. They have six tentacles and a mouth on the top. They can use the first to grab potential victims and/or hit them and the second to eat them (as long as they are not very large). They form an aggressive carnivorous breed and great strength. They reproduce rapidly, but the shans keep them in groups of no more than twenty individuals. Although its members are of low intellect, primitive and not very given to the organization, it is possible that, one day, a more intelligent member will be born due to how the mental alterations of the shans have altered their minds.

Conceptual information and role Edit

They were enslaved by the insects from Shaggai to perform tasks that required strength that the shans lacked. To control them, they used box-shaped crystals that emitted a petal-shaped field (in "The Insects from Shaggai") or nervous whips (in Countdown). At the end of their work, these beings were sent to cells. If they didn't need more, they sacrificed them to Azathoth.

This enslavement continued until they discovered what kind of religion their slaves professed. Periodically, these were willingly sacrificed to Zy'tl Q'ae, carnivorous plants near the main Shan city of Xiclotl. The Shans who observed the sacrifices believed that Zy'tl Q'ae could be a threat, and suggested destroying them. However, they understood that they were risking a revolt by the slaves, who hate their masters and would exterminate them if they could. So they took a ship to find a less "polluted" place. Even to this day, the shans continue to use the natives of the planet as slaves and guards, and often bring them to Earth for their purposes. In the event that the former break free in some way, they may be puzzled, as well as attempt to feed on humans.

Role playing games Edit

Delta Green Edit

In PISCES, the first chapter of Delta Green's "Countdown" supplement, Xiclotlans appear in a ship-temple of the shans.


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