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The Y'm-bhi are corpses reanimated by the people of K'n-yan to perform basic physical labour. Most are taken from the mortal slave-class but some are the remains of disgraced Freemen and captured humans.


Some were wholly headless while others had suffered singular and seemingle capricious subtractions, distortions, transpositions, and grafting in various places.
~ Zamacona on the y'm-bhi

Described as being manlike in shape than the gyaa-yothn slaves the y'm-bhi are closely comparable to classic zombies with unnatural, mechanical movements. Despite many of them suffering terrible injuries before death they do not seem to decay as even after 400 years one example's body still retained most of its skin and hair.


The y'm-bhi are mechanically reanimated with atomic energy and thought power by their K'nyanian masters. As stated above most of the corpses belonged to the slave-class who had either died naturally or had been recovered from vast arenas of Tsath where they were mutilated and killed for public entertainment. A much smaller part of the y'm-bhi ranks were filled by criminal K’nyanians like T'la-yub and captured humans like Zamacona y Nuñez both of whom had tried to escape to the world above.


Though not able to understand complex thought-commands their loyal, dog-like nature means they can be put to work on farms or posted as sentries at the few remaining tunnels to the outside world. As such many could be found on the outskirts of Tsath and 12 were left to guard the mound near Binger in Caddo County, Oklahoma.

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