The Yellow Sign

This subject contains information from the Mythos Adjacent Works, and while share similar themes and features of the Mythos are not based on his work, or generally considered a part of the Mythos proper.The Yellow Sign is a cursed talisman introduced by Robert William Chambers in the homonymous account.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

No information about the appearance of the Yellow Sign is usually given, however, it is almost always agreed that spiral motifs dominate it. In the True Detective series, the Yellow Sign is shown simply as a yellow spiral.

Information[edit | edit source]

It is known that there is a strong link between this symbol and the god Hastur, moreover: being in possession of a representation of this glyph can attract Hastur's attention, usually with disastrous consequences. Even so, it seems that many of the orders that venerate Hastur dare to wear this sign as a distinctive sign. In fact, one of the most important sects that venerate Hastur is called the "Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign".

Legacy[edit | edit source]

In the video game developed by Games of Cthulhu for internet browsers called "The Necronomicon" and its sequel, "The Necronomicon - Book of Dead Names", the Yellow Sign represents corruption, making both players lose life points by accumulating. However, the loss of life due to corruption does not usually end with the last point that the player has.

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