Extended universe sigil The Yokai are part of Japanese folklore. In 2005 they were first used as a fictional race by Chaosium for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.


The Yokai are creatures whose appearances is bizzare and whom are visually frightening. They most often materialize in the hours around dusk and dawn, due to the veil between the dimensions weakening at that time. They are the manifestations of chaos incarnate. When the fabric of space-time is ripped or rended, tendrils of Azathoth seep through. As the tears "heal", they become cut off from their source. The beliefs of locals instantly shapes and molds the chaotic energies, creating what is known in Japan as yokai.

Examples of YokaiEdit

  • Rokuro-Kubi = Whom are usually women and constrict their victims with their neck.
  • Yuki Onna = Whom appear as women whom hungers for the warmth of humans. It's embrace paralyzes them and drains their warmth, unintentionally killing them.
  • Iso Onna = From a distance she is beautiful, appearing as a mermaid. Up close it's all scales, fangs, a serpentine lower body, and claws. With which it tears its victims apart.
  • Dora-ta-boh = It's a monster which lays hidden within muddy rice fields. Emerging after the rice has been harvest or the field has been left fallow. Victims are suffocated by pressing their faces into the mud.
  • Iwami-no-ushi-oni = It's a which impales or rushes whomever intrudes into its domain.
  • Kawa-aka-go = Which are disguised as wailing drowning babies or toddlers. It's would-be rescuer is pulled underwater and drowned by it.
  • Umi-Bozhu = It hunts the seafaring lanes, capsizing vessels and drowing the crew by crushing them under its massive body. It appears a a monstrous hovering black globe, which rises out of the sea.
  • Oh-gumo = They are monstrous spiders whom feast on human fluids.
  • Bake-neko = Shapeshifting great cats that appear as needy frail old women, whom transform into great cats which attempt to eat the would-be Samaritan.

Gallery of Examples of YokaiEdit

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