This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone.The Yorhis were a species from Mars. It was this race from which the Aihais came, although it is unknown how the change or transition between species occurred. Yorhis were created by Clark Ashton Smith for his works "The Vaults of the Yoh-Vombis" and "Vulthoom".

Description[edit | edit source]

The parent race of the Aihai, whom they bore a very strong resemblance to, the Yorhi possessed three flared nostrils, a skin like tough leather, and long limbs with recurved, satyr-like legs. They had eyes which rested in peculiarly sunken sockets, a double row of sharp teeth, fingers with four joints, and a tendency to wear little to no clothing. Although they had the same angular chest as the Aihai, the arm which sprouted from it was of a far more practical use, and the Yorhi were said to have carried themselves with a grace not present in their descendants. The Yorhi were also a good deal taller than the Aihai, with adults all measuring over seven feet in height.

Conceptual information and role[edit | edit source]

The Yorhis were not a particularly xenophobic race, and not only did they allow other beings (even from other planets) to coexist with them, they also traded with each other. However, although the Earthlings could use their languages ​​and learn from their history, there was a certain gap that prevented a true exchange of ideas between the races: already in the time of Lemuria, the Yorhi civilization was tremendously ancient and complex, be it their expressions their artistic advances, their scientific advances or their religions, which could be tremendously strange in the eyes of other races.

Yorhis' technology was of a much higher level than that of their descendants, to the point that some Aihais still possess Yorhis' artifacts, along with the knowledge of how to use them. Similarly, they were masters of metallurgy and masonry. As a result, Yorhis architecture was more grandiose than that of their descendants, and they were known to be adept at constructing huge pyramidal buildings with many reinforced terraces. In fact, some aihais still inhabit the cities of their predecessors, such as Yoh-Vombis. Something similar applied to everyday objects, created with a greenish alloy of metal and ceramic. After the extinction of the yorhis, knowledge about this alloy was also lost.

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