Lovecraft circle Seal The Yorhi were a species of native Martian which appeared in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.

Description Edit

The parent race of the Aihai, whom they bore a very strong resemblance to, the Yorhi possessed three flared nostrils, a skin like tough leather, and long limbs with recurved, satyr-like legs. They had eyes which rested in peculiarly sunken sockets, a double row of sharp teeth, fingers with four joints, and a tendency to wear little to no clothing. Although they had the same angular chest as the Aihai, the arm which sprouted from it was of a far more practical use, and the Yorhi were said to have carried themselves with a grace not present in their descendants. The Yorhi were also a good deal taller than the Aihai, with adults all measuring over seven feet in height.

The technology of the Yorhi was of a far greater level than that of their descendants, although some of the Aihai still possess Yorhi artefacts, along with the knowledge of how to use them. Similarly, Yorhi architecture was of a more grand scope than than that of the younger race, and they were known to favour enormous pyramidal edifices featuring many buttressed terraces. Indeed, some Aihai still inhabit the ancient cities of their predecessors.

Why the Yorhi devolved into the Aihai is a mystery that has yet to be revealed.


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