Extended universe sigil Zarr is the name for aliens originating from the planet Zarr. A fanatical, ruthless race, they conquered most of their galaxy, Xentilx. The god Zathog made a pact with the Zarr, granting them the power to travel through time and space, and thus potentially conquer the whole universe, if they actively sought to free the Great Old Ones, and oppose the Elder Gods. There are references to “the Zarrians” in The Black Book of the Skull which is an alternative term for the Zarr. Their method of conquest is to subdue the planet with nuclear bombardments, then capture samples of the planet's inhabitants to form a pupet government and overthrow any internal opposition. They also have the power to manipulate weather, which in ancient times led American Indians to fear them as demons.

Behind the MythosEdit

The novel The Winds of Zarr, by Richard L. Tierney, details Zarr.

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