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God has spoken. I will do His work without hesitation.

Zoey Samaras, the Chef, is a character who appears in several of Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror Files products based on the expanded Cthulhu Mythos.


God had spoken to Zoey ever since she was just a child- six years old to be precise, on the same night that He had also taken her parents away in a calamitous fire. He told her that she was to be His earthly warrior, protecting the innocent whilst making the evil answer for their crimes.

Ever since that day, God had continued to speak to Zoey, especially when times were hard; His presence gave her both comfort and the strength she needed to do the things He asked of her. On more than one occasion, He even pointed her in the specific direction of one who needed to be taught His justice, and every single time she prevailed.

Then one day, God told Zoey to gather her things and travel to Arkham; there, she would face the greatest challenge of her life. God did not speak to Zoey again but, doing as she was bid, she set her sights on Arkham, hoping that to rid the town of its festering evil would once again bring the voice of the Almighty back in to her life.

Behind the Mythos

Making her first appearance as an Investigator for the Second Edition expansion of Lovecraftian adventure board game Arkham Horror, Innsmouth Horror, Zoey has since made appearances as a playable character in Fantasy Flight's related games Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror: The Card Game. In addition a plastic miniature of the character was released in 2010 as part of their Arkham Horror Premium Figures release, but this is no longer in production.


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