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Zombie like undead creatures are part of the mythology and folklore of several of mankind's cultures. They are part of the Mythos in both the Call of Cthulhu RPG and Marvel Comics. In Marvel, zombies became part of the Mythos when the Old Ones and Many-Angled Ones were retconned into being one and the same, as some types of zombies are created by Old Ones. Chaosium first made zombies part of the Mythos in 2007 when they were added to the Malleus Monstrorum sourcebook, and though supernatural are neither creations of the Mythos deities nor are they aligned with them in any way.

Call of CthulhuEdit

Zombies vary from those created by witch doctors and sorcerers to be their slaves and servants to those that are uncontrollable ravenous flesh-eating zombies. Which can be created a variety of ways including malevolent spirits that possess and ainimate corpses, using voodoo or black magic, extra-terrestrial material which animates corpses, or zombies created by radiation or toxic chemicals. Mostly immune to firearms and impaling though they the appearance of the corpse worsens. Zombies must be either hacked apart or set aflame.

Marvel ComicsEdit

Chthon and Sagbata the Vodu god of death and plague made a pact in which they created the first true zombies, animated undead corpses which had no free will to serve the witch-doctors of Sagbata. Other demonic entities have directly or indirectly created zombies including Lloigoroth an Old One who gave the supervillain Grim Reaper the power to reanimate the dead, creating sentient flesh-eating undead which had all the abilities they had in their mortal lives. In at least one alternate reality, the Darkhold contains a spell to create a plague of flesh eating zombies, the Gospel of Hunger. Which creates sentient undead corpses that are sadistic and even have a sense of humour, and are able to alter their corpses (e.g. growing a head in a beheaded body or projecting organ like tentacles from the abdomen).

Mystical ZombiesEdit

  • Raimi Zombies = Created by the Darkhold which retain their intelligence and have access to the memories of the host. Zombies that are powered by Chthon and whose infection is known as the "Gospel of Hunger". They are able to grow body parts such as a head and/or extend tentacles.
  • Voodoo Zombies = Mindless thralls that are able to perform simple tasks. Which are impervious to pain and possess superior strength. Conventional weapons (e.g. firearms) have little effect, though fire can harm them. Normally they move slowly but are able to briefly move quickly.
  • Revenants = Zombies that are driven by revenge, and will not rest till they hae completed their task. Usually only an exorcism or mystical incantation can stop them.

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