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The Zy'tl Q'ae are a fictional race created in 1994 by Chaosium for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, whom were based on Ramsey Campbell's The Insects from Shaggai.


The Zy'tl Q'ae is a species which consists of sentient carnivorous plant-things whom are the dominant lifeform on Xiclotl. From the other inhabitants of Xiclotl they demand periodical sacrifices of their own. Prey are lured to the plant creatures via clouds of pollen-like spores which produce a hypnotic effect on those whom inhale the spores.

Their victims are captured and consumed using their snapping purple blossoms and grasping tendrils. Reproduction is via seeds the size of human skulls, which are discharged with such force that some of them escape the atmosphere. The seeds can survive in the vacuum of space, and some of them end up on other worlds, spreading the species.

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